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All about Ria_Uchiha

Gender :
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Birthday :
Age :
Location :
Job/Hobbies :
Reading, watching Naruto, listening to music, playing games, writing fanfictions
Real name :
Nicknames :
Ria Uchiha, Bruce Banner, Watson
Your Family :
-Step Dad
-Little sister
-Twin Sister
-Little brother
-Grandma (lives with us)
Funniest times in Chat :
Me: What? I like a 91 year old man, I really don't care. I like who I want to like.
Twin: But you still left Naruto for him!
Me: I'm making up for that in my story.
Twin: But still!
Me: I know my OC is the same age as Naruto! And I do know that Kakuzu is 91 years old! But I really like Kakuzu is hotter then Naruto! I'm sorry!
Twin: You are sick.....
Me: HEY! Kakuzu needs love too!
Twin: Calm down... I'm sorry I said anything bad about Kakuzu......... Your scary when you talk about him
Me: So? I like him. I like the creepy kind of guys*smiles*
Twin: You have problems.....*sighs*
Me:*raises eye brow* At least I don't like the guy with mouth's on his hands.....
Favorite Number? :
Your unluckiest number? :
Humor :
stupid, and random
Favorite manga? :
1st: Naruto
2nd: Katekyo Hitman Reborn(KHR)
3rd: Bleach
4th: One Piece
Manga you reading? :
Naruto, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, and Bleach
Manga you have read :
Naruto, Bleach, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, One Piece, Hetalia(does that even count?), Soul Eater, etc.
Favorite Anime? :
Naruto, Bleach, KHR, One Piece, Yu-gi-oh, Hetalia, Soul Eater
Anime you watching :
Naruto, Bleach, KHR, One Piece, Yu-gi-oh, Hetalia, Soul Eater
Anime series you have watched :
Naruto, Bleach, KHR, One Piece, Yu-gi-oh, Hetalia, Soul Eater
Favorite Naruto Movie? :
All of them! Very Happy They are so amazing, but I have to say the 1st Naruto Shippuden movie is the best because of the end >////<
Favorite Naruto Music Songs Favorite Naruto Music Songs :
8th Naruto Shippuden opening Smile
Favorite Naruto Character(s) :
Kakuzu! Very Happy <3 *yes, I know he is 91 years old*
And many others Smile
Favorite Naruto Quotes :
Kakuzu (To Hidan) "Make sure he's recognizable when you're finished with him."
Bloodlines :
Name: Ria Uchiha
Age: 16
Family: Sasuke Uchiha(cousin) Itachi Uchiha(cousin) Nii Yugito (Sister) Mizkage(Aunt) Asuma Sarutobi (Godfather)
Village: Leaf, Mist, Cloud, Waterfalls(moved a lot with her parents)
Crush: Kakuzu
Team: Team Kakashi (Cell 7)
Info: She is the actual Two-Tail's host. She also knew Zabuza and Kisame when she was younger. Moved around with her parents so is a Shinobi in four Villages, but is mainly a Konoha ninja. Met Kakuzu when she was younger when she was just about killed by a wanted ninja, since then Ria has been trying to find him, to tell him thanks, and maybe to say with him. Was trained by Asuma Sarutobi,Tsunade, Kisame, Zabuza, Haku, Jiraiya and whole bunch of others. Since Ria is the Two-Tail's host, her Sharingan is different from any of the Uchiha's, because she can also copy other Kekkei Genkai(it depends of the Kekkei Genkai. Ex. She can copy Haku's ice style Kekkei Genkai.)
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