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 Team Kakashi

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PostSubject: Team Kakashi   Sat Jun 25, 2011 10:31 am

Well Well.....So you are the three ninja assigned to squad 7?Standing across from Naruto Uzumaki,Sakura Haruno ,And Sasuke Uchiha himself Was the leader of sqad 7,.Hidden leaf Jounin Kakashi Hatake.Yes sir! Replied Sakura with a enthusiastic fist pump as Naruto leaned back relaxed with his hands behind his head.So i heard You got us a mission Kakashi Sensei!Naruto asked excitedly.Well not exactly.....The three of you are only genin and need to complete a couple missions before you can prepare for the chunin exam.get some experience.So whats the mission naruto asked impatiently fervously waitng for a reply.Tell us Kakashi Sensei!The three of you should head straight to the training field.Ill meet you there.Allright! Mission Mission Mission! Exclaimed Naruto.Hmph.A sly grin broadened on the face of Sasuke Uchicha.As he looked down and slowly followed Sakura and Naruto to the training field where they would recieve their very first mission from Kakashi Sensei.....
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Team Kakashi
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