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 New RolePlay Rules [Please Read]

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PostSubject: New RolePlay Rules [Please Read]   Wed Jan 06, 2010 7:52 pm

Romance in RolePlay

Now I see some users having their characters dating somone and then the characters fall in love. Well, now your characters can go futher and they can get married! If your RP characters want a child, you can just post that you both agree to have a child and then you both go to bed. Or something like that. No saying 'sex' alot in the post or mentioning anything beyond PG-13. Later on your characters wife will have to start posting she is pregnant. So which means the female character can't fight much. Right? I mean, thats common sense. In a week, your RP wife will have to post in the hospital. But no posting about sqeezing the baby out and stuff. Remember, nothing beyond PG-13.

Now here is the part that gets interesting, if a user wants to be your characters child, he/she could. So the user will have to constantly update his/her character about once a week unless the user wants to be a baby forever. But once the users character reaches the age of three, he'll only have to update his app every two weeks till he reaches the age of seven. Now he/she can join the Ninja Academy in your characters village. So now he/she only has to update his character regularly like everybody else.

The minimum age to get romance would be at least 12 years old, whenever you hit puberty. Ladies who get pregnant can get pregnant at anytime. Remmeber, 8-9 months of hospitalization, NO jutsus/techniques to make the unborn baby to grow faster and come out of the mother's stomach faster.

In RolePlay, you probbaly don't want to wait 8-9 full real months, so i give you at least give about 2-3 weeks for the baby to grow and at the end of 2-3 weeks, your baby can be born.

If you wanted to go above PG-13 to maybe rated R or X, please say [PG13] or {R] or {X] in the TOPIC titles!! So, someone won't accidently jump in the thread to read what she/he doesn't wanna read!!

Alchlol/Drugs in RolePlay:

Your character must be age 20 to even start doing alchlol and/or drugs! If you take in alchlol/drugs too much, you should have side-effects from them! Please use them as part of RolePlay. Sorry, Characters under age of 20 cannot take any of these alchlol/drugs in RolePlay!

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New RolePlay Rules [Please Read]
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