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 Bijuu/Tailed beasts Template

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PostSubject: Bijuu/Tailed beasts Template   Sun Sep 13, 2009 2:13 pm

Background info: Bijuu (Tailed Beasts Demons) are spirit beasts with enormous amounts of chakra that could cause vast destruction. Bijuus have been sealed into ninja humans that are caled Jinchuuriki. if a bijuu is removed from a jinchuuriki, that jinchuuriki dies.

Little tips and things:

*All bijuus names must have the 'bi' at the end like Kyuubi, Ichibi.
*Each bijuu name as Kyuubi represents the number of tails (i.e. Kyuu = 9, bi = tails, Ichi=1, Ni=2, Juu=10, and so on)


Bijuu Name: (Number of tails in japanese and add 'bi' at the end to represent tails.. [i.e. Kyuubi = 9 tails])
Number of tails: (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, etc)
Name Meaning: (i.e. Kyuuibi = 9 tails, Kyuu = 9, bi = tails)
Classification: (Spirit, Demon, etc)
Type: (What type is your bijuu? Fox, Wolf, Racoon-dog, bug, dolphin-horse, ape, etc)
Location: (Village/Country - Leaf village, Sand Village, Water Country, etc)
Strengths:Powers: (Ichibi-controls sand, have auto-sand defense, Kyuubi-defensive chakra, causes large destruction, increases tails by anger.)
Bijuu History: (Tll the history of your bijuu, like Kyuubi for expamle; Kyuubi first appearance was shown during the Madara VS Shodai hokage fight controlled by Madara, reappeared when Naruto was just borned and the 4th Hokage sealed half of the fox chakra into Naruto and other half in Death God technique, it's controllance is mostly said to be Madara but Madara denies the truth.)

You can use this template below to Copy & Paste-

[b]Bijuu Name:[/b]
[b]Number of tails:[/b]
[b]Name Meaning:[/b]
[b]Bijuu History:[/b]

Enjoy making your bijuus! Wink

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Bijuu/Tailed beasts Template
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