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 Ultimate Uchiha Theory

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PostSubject: Ultimate Uchiha Theory   Thu Sep 03, 2009 7:53 pm

Theory from a person from VIZ, seems pretty possible....... Read it all!!

The Truth About Uchiha- What Really Happened.

Madara and his younger brother Inzuna were very competitive. As a younger brother Inzuna naturally wanted to surpass Madara. Madara of course had a reputation to maintain and couldn't
let his brother do that. Their rivarly let them to both obtain the Mangekyo Sharnigan.
Madara overused it and was going blind and becoming ill. His little brother took care of him
and this humilated Madara to the fullest. Madara then decided to try and steal his brother's eyes.
Even if didn't cure his own blindness his brother would be in the same predicament and therefore
would not best him. Waiting for the oppurtune moment, Madara caught Inzuna off guard and
gouged his eyes out. Madara fled to go find someone to replace his old eyes with the new ones.
With the Eternal Mangekyo Sharnigan, Madara confronted his brother Inzuna again. Madara
didn't want people to know he stole his brother's eye because it wouldn't look very good so
he killed his brother to make sure he never spoke about what happened. Madara at last,
had beaten his brother once and for all. But Madara was far from sastified.

As a clan leader he led the Uchiha to fight as mercenaries. But Madara was not
in it for the money. He was seeking a new rival to replace his younger brother.
Finally he found one in Hashirama Senju. But it was more than Madara could
bargain for. Hashirama Senju was stronger than Madara Uchiha. This made
Madara very upset. So when Senju and Uchiha allied to form the Hidden Leaf
this was adding insult to injury. Madara ran against Hashirama in order
to become Hokage but none of the Uchiha supported him. Unlike Madara
the Uchiha clan no longer saw Senju as an enemy. Madara felt betrayed
and left the village plotting revenge against Senju and Uchiha alike.

Madara returned to the village this time with the Nine Tails. But again
he was defeated by Hashirama and even lost his eye and Sharnigan.
Madara played possum making Hashirama think that he was dead.

Hashirama, the first Hokage, and his younger brother Tobirama, the second Hokage
did as much as they could to erase Madara from the village's history. They didn't want
another traitor to emerge. Madara was remembered as a founding father and nothing more.

During his reign, the second Hokage provided the Uchiha the position of the Konoha Police Force.
There was no ill intent about this. Tobirama did not intend on spying on Uchiha like Madara said.
In fact Madara himself started the rumor. After all Madara wanted revenge against Uchiha and
Senju and what better way to do this than to create mistrust between the two. Madara's plan
was to start a civil war in Konoha and wipe them off the map. But Madara couldn't just
go into Konoha and tell random Uchiha to not trust Senju. So instead through Danzo
Madara was able to have some Uchiha inheirit his will in what would become known as
"The Hawk Faction." The Hawk Faction was also created for the purpose of helping
Danzo become Hokage. Danzo fought with Hiruzen in order to become the third hokage.
But as we all know, Danzo lost and Hiruzen became Hokage.

Later Madara released Nine Tails on Konoha. Madara's plan was to further the mistrust
between Senju and Uchiha. Danzo agreed with the plan because Madara (falsely)
promised him that he would help Danzo look like a hero and increase his chances
of becoming Hokage. However when the Fourth Hokage sacrificed himself
and used the Death Reaper seal. Madara lost his remaining eye as a result.
Although Madara lost the fight, his plan was working because the Nine Tails
attack caused Uchiha clan to not be trusted anymore. Madara and Danzo
used this to make suspicions become real. Uchiha now was plotting
a coup d'etat against Konoha. Just as Madara planned.

Since Madara had no eyes he had to find an Uchiha to replace them.
He found one in Shisui Uchiha. Shisui Uchiha was a member of the
Hawk Faction and a disciple of Madara's teachings. Madara even
granted Shisui Uchiha some of his powers- teleportation and mind control.
Madara was able to make Fugaku Uchiha into the coup d'etat mastermind
by having Shisui Uchiha manipulate him. Madara and Danzo had an
agreement to kill Shisui Uchiha and each of them would take a sharnigan.
They would also shoulder the blame on Itachi Uchiha, Shisui's best friend.

Itachi was made as a double agent so Danzo and Madara could keep
tabs on both sides. Itachi found out about Madara and sought him out.
Itachi knew that Madara was trying to create a civil war between Uchiha
and Senju. Itachi tried to convince Madara otherwise but Madara would
not heed his pleads. Itachi, knowing of Madara's strength and power
had no choice but to allow Madara revenge against Uchiha. Itachi
did not actually kill any of the Uchiha. It was the work of Madara,
Danzo, and Root. Once again, Itachi was framed. Madara was
believed to be dead and nobody would believe that Danzo and
Root had a hand in it. Although Itachi could not save his clan
he could at least have it avenged and restored-through his
younger brother, Sasuke Uchiha.

Itachi lied to Sasuke and told him that he was responsible
for killing the clan. Itachi joined Akatsuki knowing that
Sasuke would look for him so he could lead Sasuke
to defeating Madara and Danzo. Itachi would later
transfer his powers to Sasuke. But Itachi knew that
Sasuke alone would not be powerful enough.
So Itachi gave some of his powers to Naruto as well.
Itachi chose Naruto because he knew that if
Sasuke went down the wrong path Naruto would
be able to sway Sasuke and they would team up.

Although Madara never wanted Sasuke to survive the Uchiha Massacre in the first place
he decided that if he played his cards right he could use Sasuke to his avantage.
Madara used the mind control jutsu on Sasuke and even gave Sasuke some of his power.
Madara would have Sasuke kill or at least attempt to kill Danzo. Madara had no plans
on letting Danzo live anyways. Even if Sasuke couldn't kill Danzo it would lead
to the Fourth Great Ninja War. Madara wants to start the Fourth Great Ninja War
so he can eliminate Senju once and for all. Madara is also using Sasuke to
get to Naruto and ultimately the Nine Tails. Madara can't capture Nine Tails
because he no longer has the power to control it. After Madara is finished
with Sasuke he will kill him and once again obtain the Eternal Mangekyo Sharnigan.

However Madara's plan will fail. Why? Because Sasuke will not betray Naruto.
Madara is trying to get Naruto and Sasuke to fight so he can get Nine Tails.
This is why Madara tells Naruto the story of the Rinnegan's origins and
how the two brothers seemed to be cursed with a rivarly.
However Madara is leaving out one very important piece to that story.
Although the brothers did at one point hate each other.
They eventually forgave each other and became brothers again
just as their father, the Sage of the Six Paths wanted.


I thought Itachi killed Shisui. I mean how else could he have the Mangekyo?

Although it's true that you can obtain Mangekyo by killing your best friend
that's not the whole truth. It only works if you kill an Uchiha. If your best
friend is say Naruto Uzumaki it won't work. All the "best friends" who
have died have been Uchiha. Also you don't need to actually be the
one to kill your best friend. All you need to do is obtain their blood.
Sasuke got Mangekyo from Itachi because the blood ran into his eyes.
Kakashi got Mangekyo from Obito because during the surgery
Obito's blood got into his eyes.

What makes you think Danzo and Madara are teamed up?

They both hate the First Hokage. Madara talks about hawks
all the time (Madara probably gave the name Team Hawk to Sasuke)
and Danzo was part of the Hawk Faction. Also Danzo has
Shisui's sharnigan. Danzo knows Madara is the Akatsuki leader.
Root training is very similar to Hidden Mist training and Madara
was called Mizukage by Kisame himself. Last, Yagura was
controlled by someone. It can't be Danzo because he's in
Konoha. It was Madara who was the real Mizukage.

But Madara said he didn't release nine tails and that his brother gave up his eyes?

Madara says a lot of things. But that doesn't mean all of it is true.

Well if Madara is lying then isn't Itachi actually bad?

No because the best lies have some truth to them.
Madara is trying to tell Sasuke to blame Konoha
for Itachi's death when Madara should be held responsible.

Why does Madara have to use mind control on Sasuke?

Because Sasuke doesn't trust him. Sasuke said to
Itachi that he would kill the other Uchiha survivor
and mark my words he will--with Naruto's help.

What about the whole thing with the Sage of the Six Paths?
What makes you think that the brothers forgave each other?

Madara lies. But there's always some truth to his lies.
You just have to figure out what he would change or leave
out to sway it to his advantage. Something like forgivness
and brotherly love would not help Madara in having
Naruto and Sasuke fight. Also this is right after Nagato
teachs Naruto about forgiveness (and vice versa.)
Of course Naruto and Sasuke are best friends.
The very fact Madara says friendship is worthless
makes it even more likely their friendship will prevail.

Is Gato the Sage of the Six Paths?

Only if you want him to be.

Rinnegan + Sharingan = Riringan

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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Uchiha Theory   Sun Jul 25, 2010 8:56 pm

Heh. Kinda cool my theory is in another thread.

Just to clarify I'm not from Viz (as in the company).
Though I suppose you meant the Viz Media Naruto Forums

Nice how you crossed out the Gato part...obviously I was joking there. Smile

Funny thing is that I actually changed my mind on part of the theory...

Pretty much Shisui was evil and a disciple of Madara
and Itachi had to kill him.
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Ultimate Uchiha Theory
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