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 Naruto Generations

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PostSubject: Naruto Generations   Thu Aug 06, 2009 3:04 pm

Title: Naruto Generations Chapter 1: New World, Same Faces

Author: KonohaStreet20

Anime/Manga: Naruto

Information: Rated T(?) - Swearing - English - Dialogue [Chat Lines] - Adventure

Current Status: In Progress

Spoilers?: Most likely. Yes



Background Story:
It has been twelve years since the final battle between Sasuke and Naruto. Both ninja have chosen their own separate path’s to follow. The Hidden Rain village is continuing to rebuild itself under the leadership of Konan. Sasuke defeated Madara and took the power his Mangekyo, which gave him the Eternal Mangekyo. What is left of the Hidden Mist and Sound, now follow Sasuke and Team Hawk. And as for the Leaf village, many ninja have gained new position.

Notes for Readers:
(Panel – This refers to the picture/panel/scene which is going on at the time of the dialogue. If anyone wants to collaborate with me on drawing this fanfiction, then just let me know and we can go to work on it.

Naruto: Generations
Chapter 1: New World, Same Faces

(Panel: Opens up to Gaara sitting at a table and a sand ninja walks up to him.)

Sand Ninja: Lord Kazekage, The Leaf’s Hokage has just arrived…

Gaara: Good let him in, so that we can get started...

(Panel: It jumps to a picture of the door as it opens.)

(Panel: Next frame is a collage of clothing but not the face. The person is wearing a black robe with orange flames. Also it changes to a shadow of three people with their backs turned. )

Gaara: I see you have finally made it…

(Panel: Jumps to a frame of Naruto, Sai, and Shino standing at the table)

Gaara: ….Naruto

Naruto: Sorry guys I was late, so shall we begin…

(Panel: Naruto takes a seat, while Sai and Shino stand behind him)

Gaara: Indeed, we all know why we are here, and that is to address the issue of Sasuke Uchiha and Team Hawk.

(Panel: The frame changes to all the kages and village leaders sitting around the table, the Hidden Rock are missing. The Hidden Rain have sent a representative instead of their village leader, Konan)

Hidden Rain Representative: He has become a thorn in our sides we try to grow as a village; we are always worried that we will be attacked by some of his shinobi.

Hidden Grass Leader: I feel the same way; I have lost countless shinobi trying to track him down. With the Hidden Mist and Sound Village’s shinobi with him he will try and destroy us all one by one.

(Panel: Frame changes to all the leaders discussing the situation)

(Panel: Naruto leaps from his seat)

Naruto: Don’t continue wasting your men on Sasuke! He is a Missing-Nin of the Leaf, which makes him the responsibility of our village. He will be made top priority and I will personally take care of him.

Gaara: Then it’s settled the Leaf Village will take care of Sasuke and his allies. And we will support them in any we can.

(Panel: One of Shino’s insects lands on his shoulder)

(Panel: Shino whispers in Naruto’s ear)

Shino: Naruto, there is a drastic problem back home.

(Panel: Naruto looks concerned)

Naruto: What is it …?

Shino: The village is being attacked by a large group of Hidden Rock ninja.

(Panel: Naruto notices that none of the Rock shinobi are present at the meeting)

Naruto: Gaara, where are the Hidden Rock?

Gaara: They informed me at the last minute that they would not be able to attend or send a representative.

Gaara: Why, what has happened?

(Panel: Naruto stands along with Shino and Sai)

Naruto: We have been attacked by the Rock village…

Gaara: Hmmm…Why would they attack the Leaf?

Naruto: Sorry Gaara I have to cut this meeting short.

Gaara: It is okay Naruto; tell me if you need our assistance.

(Panel: Naruto smiles and gives a thumbs up to Gaara)

Naruto: Ok will do…. Sai, Shino lets go

Sai and Shino: Understood

(Panel: Naruto, Sai, and Shino disappear)

(Panel: The scene changes to Shikamaru and Kakashi fighting multiple ninja, Chouji is shown holding back giant stone walls that are trying to fall over the walls of the village and break thru)

Shikamaru: What the hell is going on, Kakashi-sensei? Why would the Hidden Rock attack us?

Kakashi: I have no clue, they don’t seem as if they are not acting like themselves, don’t kill them just immobilize them.

Shikamaru: That’s easier said than done.

Kakashi: They knew just when to attack since most of our ninja are out on missions and Naruto is away in the Sand.

Chouji: Shit, there are so many of them. How are we supposed to hold back this many ninja without hurting them?

Shikamaru: Chouji, just make sure they don’t break through the walls, we are going to push back most of their forces outside the village. Then will we take a few into custody for interrogation.

Shikamaru: Shadow Possession Jutsu!

(Panel: Shikamaru is holding a group of rock ninja still with shadow possession jutsu)

Shikamaru: (Speaking to himself) What would cause the Hidden Rock to send in such a powerful attack on us? We can’t hold out much longer without hurting them.

(Panel: A group of rock ninja launch a barrage of stone spear shuriken at Shikamaru from behind)

Kakashi: Shikamaru, Look Out!

(Panel: Shows Shikamaru in the background, with the spears in the foreground coming towards him)

Shikamaru: What a drag…

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Naruto Generations
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