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 gramps, the willow

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PostSubject: gramps, the willow   Wed Dec 31, 2008 8:37 am

Name: gramps

Age: old

Gender: male

Village: mist

Ninja Rank: retired shinobi

Clan: willow

Personality: kind, witty, annoying, understanding and slightly creepy. he smiles all the time and grins while someone is close to death.

Special Characteristics: a finicky habit of cleaning up and drinking tea during battle. he never lied before, and when he is confronted by something he wished to remain unknown, he evades it. he also cannot make chakra. if he frowns, then that means he sees or remembers someone from his clouded past.

Element(s): none

Skills/Specialties: kenjutsu, taijutsu

Jutsu: ((ill get back to you on that))

History/Background Story: ki was born between the bear and the star village. just after he was able to walk he was shipped to the mist village and became a shinobi. after he became chunin he went to jounin and then a medical ninja. he lived for quite a while until he became a retired shinobi. no one really had gotten close to him and he never spoke of his past. the only relation to his past was his little sister, who is now in the sand.

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PostSubject: Re: gramps, the willow   Sun Feb 15, 2009 4:25 pm

Cool so far, just your jutsu and you should be fine.
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gramps, the willow
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