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 Slashing through for Kyuubi darkness

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PostSubject: Slashing through for Kyuubi darkness   Tue Jul 28, 2009 9:32 pm

Deva Realm popped up by the border of the Village, which the barrier is being located protective all around the Leaf Vilage, also gaurded by the Mudaime Hokage, Naruto.

He heard there is two hosts of the Kyuubi, Naruto & Uzumaki Naruto. More importantly, he must get past through the barrier in order to search for them.

He narrowed his eyes and began to think. there is a pervented code to enter in and out easily, Itachi knew this of course. He wouldn't spoke in the code because he was a real eyesore that he thinks he gotta protect Konoha and his precious Sasuke of Konoha between it and Itachi. Now's the eyesore is gone, it is getting somewhat both difficult and easier of the jobs.

Pain just watched on, Tobi along besides him. his other 5 body Pain bodies are within this too. They stand, the Animal summoning had gone off into the air by the little push by that Hungry Ghost Realm pain. Animal Realm flew over the barrier and landed right down, which caused chaos there and called an intruder which there is actually 7 intruders coming on along in the village.

Half goes diversion and other half goes in search of Uzumaki Naruto, the Deva Realm had gone after the Mudaime Hokage, Naruto.

~"I will give the world more pain."

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Slashing through for Kyuubi darkness
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