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 About Bounty Hunting

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PostSubject: About Bounty Hunting   Thu Jul 02, 2009 1:43 pm

This is the template one must fill out to have a Bounty placed here.
Copy and paste the template into a thread/topic, fill it out, and make the topic.
The superiors will decide if the Bounty is acceptable or not.
Once the Bounty is made onto the Bounty Hunting Boards, you can post once you do accept the Bounty and going after the person that is on the board.

Employer: ((Either your character or an NPC, employers can be anonymous if you don't want them knowing who you are.))
Meeting Place: ((Where to go to accept the bounty and turn it in.))
Reward: ((It can be either a jutsu, a weapon, or maybe a pet/summoning contract. However, the reward has to be approved by a mod first.))
Condition: ((Dead or Alive))
Description: ((What is the target like in combat, what are their specialties, what do they look like?))
Target: ((Full name of the target, or the rank if it is a general bounty.))
Reason: ((Why are they being hunted? Keep blank if you don't have a reason))
Price: ((How much money is on their Bounty's head?))
Current Rank: ((Tell what the Bounty's current rank is. i.e.- Chuunin, Jounin, Akatsuki, Kage, (?), etc.)
Clan(?): ((Tell of which clan is he/she from? if she/he is from any clan, please say so here. If not, leave this blank or write N/A or dashes.))

Use this template. Copy and Paste this Coded Template and use it to amke a thread/topic.


[b]Meeting Place:[/b]
[b]Price: [/b]
[b]Current Rank:[/b]

But first we should go over some rules. They aren't very strict. This forum is not strict.

Setting up Bounties:

(Always fill in the template, if they are blank except for Reason box, it won't be accepted.)

1. You must put at least 1 reward for each Bounty you make.
2. Once you make a Bounty, you have to put in the Ryo money price, YOu are the clinet/Employee that makes a Bounty. If you make a Bounty, you have to pay the person whoever kills the bounty you make.
3. The prices can be at any amount. Just remember this, the higher the price is, the higher chnaces of people will be after your Bounty(s).
4. It can be anyone, there always should be a reason of why they are being aftered and wanted. (Missing-Nins, Akatsukis, bad ninjas ARe always being wanted and aftered.)
5. Please fill out the form correctly with correct information of the person you make a Bounty of.

Ryo money Setting Up:

We have some rules about how much ryo you make and such. Please read and follow or your Bounty won't be accepted.

Civilians: The ryo for regular civilians must be at around 50 ryo to 1,000.
Academy Students: (There shouldn't be any bounties on these students but sometimes it can happen.) The ryo for Academy Students must be at least 50 ryo to 1,500.
Genins: Ryo for Genin Bounties should be at least 100 to 2,500 ryo.
Chuunins: Ryo should be at least 300 to 5,000
Special Jounins: Ryo should be at least 450 to 6,500
Jounins: Ryo should be at least 1,000 ryo to 10,000
Akatsukis: (Ryo for these are very high because they are S-ranked criminals, missing-nins from few villages.) Ryo should be at least 50,000 to 600,000
Akatsuki Leaders: (Are even higher than regular Akatsukis members.) Should be at least 800,000 ryo or higher.
Kages: (Are known as S-ranked ninjas of the villages) Ryo must be at least 800,000 ryo or higher.
Sannins: (Are kage leveled ninjas but are not displayed as kages) Ryo must be at least 500,000 or higher.
Missing-Nins: Ryo must be at least 20,000 to 250,000 ryo.
Clan members: (There are many clans in many villages that they are wanted, i.e. Uchiha, Hyuuga, etc.) Ryo must be at least 2,000 to 100,000
Jinchuurikis: (A lot of jinchuurikis are held as prisoners and be used for wars and used as weapons because of their bijuu's raw powers within them.) Ryo should be at least 500,000 or higher.
Bijuus: (They are freed bijuus without hosts which are called jinchuurikis) Ryo should be at least 500,000 or higher.

Please use those rules and ryos prices within for your template for Bounties that you make.

If you feel there should be any chnages for ryo prices or added more rules on here, please post in this thread/topic and tell us. we might accept your idea and put it up here or change it.

Rinnegan + Sharingan = Riringan

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Black Wolf Zazuro:

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About Bounty Hunting
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