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 hyabusa bloodline

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Hyabusa Ryotoku
Hyabusa Ryotoku

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Favorite Naruto Music Songs Favorite Naruto Music Songs : i dont know the names of any of them, but my favorite is the song that comes on when rock lee does his drunken boxing(its in the background, it makes me feel like i could kick some [explitive deleted] ) and then there is the sage mode theme... truly epic.
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Bloodlines : small traces of Uchiha, no sharingan as of yet .

related to the third hokage through his mother, other than that his mothers bloodline is unknown.

his father is from the sky country.
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PostSubject: hyabusa bloodline   Mon Apr 20, 2009 12:30 am

the Hyabusa clan are different kind of clan. a whole society by
themselves. at one time there was a total figure of 200 Hyabusa ninja
clan members, 100 men, 100 women and five hundred thousand other civilians. out
of the two hundred ninja there was a minimum of twenty leaders(ten male
ten female) but at times there were more than thirty male and 30 female
leaders. A Hyabusa clan leader is so defined becuase he or she has the
clan curse mark. those with improper breeding were stripped of they're
curse mark by the clan masters(two, usually male and female, ninja who
have mastered they're curse mark.) who lead the village. somtimes it was brother and sister
who rose to the top and masterd they're cursmarks.
A curse mark provides higher status (though gender has no effect on
status) along with more responsibility for the safty of the clan.
sometimes a child would embrace they're curse mark and so become a
village leader, even then, they were still responsible for they're
lesser clansfolk. Those without cursemarks are refered to as the
under-clan, and those with it were called blade-clan(meaning they were
the warriors, even though most of the under-clan passed gennin levels).
the blade clan protected and cherished the under-clan like infants but
the under-clan were always allowed to show they're devotion to the
clan through defending it. sometimes in wars, the under-clan were given
back they're mark if he or she proved themself to be good enough.
however if a blade-clan refused to fight he would not only be stripped
of his cursemark but it would be give to a under-clan who would rise up
and take the possition. the Hyabusa clan greatly regard honor and the
protection of the weak.

the blade-clan were encouraged to fight between themselves, going so
far as to kill each other for power(absorbing the others cursmark).
this wasnt a problem as the hyabusa clan had a third class refferd to
as inner-clan, mostly farmers and laborers. if a leader was killed by
another leader, an under-clan would be given a cursemark and a
inner-clan would be raised to the level of under-clan.

theyre is a law for the leaders that states that you may not kill your
syblings (brothers or sisters), as it may bring hardship or grief to
kill ones immediate family member, and that the cursmark of an
immediate family member was fifty times more powerfull to you than to
regular clan becuase of the closeness you share with them. as well as the fact that you will be taking away some one else's potential mate instead of your own. so if one
were to kill two brothers two sisters they're mother and father it
would be like consuming twelve hundred regular cursemarks(this was not
common knowledge to most of the leaders, being only divulged by the
masters to three or four of his senior leader staff, to keep from
producing overly powerfull ninja, who could, at a genin level,
effectivly wipe the floor with a kage level ninja.

the Hyabusa clan is from a chain of remote islands north and east of
fire country. but they are widly spread throughout the countries due to
the fact that leaders have the ability to walk through abyssal gateways
of theyre' own creation to virtually any where they want to go if they
have enough chakra to warp the abyssal energy. the two masters only use
nominal amouts of chakra with this technique becuase they have masterd
they're cursemark, which gives them unlimited amount of what is known
as abyssal chackra, which can only be used for abyssal techniques. it
is impossible to use something like a fireball with abyssal chakra
unless you use (in this paricular case) fire chakra. it would then take
on characteristics of abyssal matter(instead of red it would be black)
and whatever percentage of abyssal chakra you use(this doesn't apply to
masters of the curse) in conjunction with elemental chackra, the effectivness is reduced by that percentage.

((more rules and regulation on abyssal usage are coming in the future))

If I could see the future and what it had in store for me, i would tear my eyes from my skull to preserve that mysterious adventure.
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Kazujo (Kotonashi Akuma)
Kazujo (Kotonashi Akuma)

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Manga you have read : Naruto
Favorite Anime? : Naruto, Naruto Shippuuden, One Piece, Bakugan, Bleach
Anime you watching : Naruto, Naruto Shippuuden, One Piece, Bakugan, Bleach
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PostSubject: Re: hyabusa bloodline   Mon Dec 28, 2009 3:26 pm

Lol, nobody noticed this until I did? How lame.


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hyabusa bloodline
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