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 Save Naruto on Cartoon Network!!

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Zazuro Xanuzuro Uchiha
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Zazuro Xanuzuro Uchiha

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PostSubject: Save Naruto on Cartoon Network!!   Sat Apr 18, 2009 1:16 pm

Naruto CN/English Naruto fans (and Naruto fans in general),

Awhile ago you may have noticed that Cartoon Network pulled Naruto off the air after only eleven episodes were left of the series. For a reason that is unknown CN is refusing to give the fans any word of when the series will be back if it ever will. Many dates have been going around the fanbase claiming when the new episodes would be broadcast, but all of them proved to be false.
The eleven episodes that remain may only be fillers but many of us would like to see the finale and see how the storyline would close before VIZ releases Shippuden(the 2nd part of the Naruto series.)
I know that a lot of you Naruto fans prefer the original Japanese subbed version and that is cool and everyone should respect your preference. I am actually a fan of both Japanese and American versions of the anime. But because all of us are fans of the series whether it be dubbed or subbed I believe the only possible way to defeat something some of the fans don't like is to stick together and help one another with a cause that could make Naruto one of the top anime's or TV shows in America/Japan or any other country as well. We all have an agreement that Naruto is a great series and if we all help each other out then maybe in the future nothing like this will ever happen again.
The idea behind this long post is to get the Naruto fans together to help CN bring back Naruto. The idea is to write as many letters as possible to CN in one week (preferably sometime this week starting Monday) and state that we want them to air the final episodes of Naruto or at least give us an answer as to when they will bring the series back. Many of us have just been complaining about when the new episodes will air and I believe that it is time to take some action.
I realize many of you are quite busy with work and school and what not but if you could write a sentence as simple as " Please bring Naruto back," that would still make a difference.

Thanks to everyone who takes part in this! Your help to bring Naruto back is greatly appreciated!

Link to support Naruto on bringing it back! Go here:

Rinnegan + Sharingan = Riringan

Werewolf Zazuro the 1st:

Black Wolf Zazuro:

Young ANBU Zazuro:
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Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake

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PostSubject: Re: Save Naruto on Cartoon Network!!   Fri May 08, 2009 6:38 pm

I helped to bring it back except I said to start showing the Shippuuden. Smile

Kakashi Hatake

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PostSubject: Save naruto on cartoon network   Sun Aug 02, 2009 6:45 pm

I helped out because i want to see the last 11 episodes an then shippuden
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PostSubject: Re: Save Naruto on Cartoon Network!!   

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Save Naruto on Cartoon Network!!
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