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 Developing and Mastering Lightning RasenShuriken

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PostSubject: Developing and Mastering Lightning RasenShuriken   Mon Mar 16, 2009 9:37 am

Yamato walks right in the arena, and said "This is a great day to master Lightning RasenShuriken". Yamato set up a dummy at the center of the arena. Yamato shouted "Ready".

Yamato created 2 clones, they created wind release: rasengan first on yamato's hand. Yamato then created four large points around rasengan, he tried to spin the points faster than normal to create lightning bolts. As he expected only little lightning atmosphere is in it. Yamato thowed the Imperfect Lightning RasenShuriken at the dummy because he can't handl it anymore.

The dummy have some lost limbs but it didnt immobilized the dummy and created lightning atmosphere around him.

~ Yamato
~ Tenzo

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Developing and Mastering Lightning RasenShuriken
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